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        High Magnesium, Mineral and Trace Element Supplement to Assist in the 

                                      Prevention of Grass Tetany

MegaMin Extra Magnesium supplement is formulated to provide extra Magnesium for stock grazing lush green pastures and winter cereals. The combination of extra Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium and broad spectrum minerals and trace elements provides essential nutrients that can often be lacking in lush green pastures and forages.

Magnesium, minerals and trace elements are essential for sheep and cattle grazing lush green pastures, winter cereals and on soils low in Magnesium. Magnesium can assist in the prevention of Grass Tetany caused when green feed passes too quickly through the rumen, not allowing adequate time for Magnesium absorption. The risk of Grass Tetany often increases with green grass, fertilised pastures and cool temperatures.

Why use MegaMin Extra Magnesium?

*  Livestock grazing lush pastures, rye grass, oats and winter cereals 

*  High stress periods to assist meat quality

*  Stock running on low calcium and magnesium soils

*  Grazing pasture grasses high in oxalates

See these links for more information on MegaMin Magnesium Supplement or for GRASS TETANY.

*  Ag Solutions Magnesium Drylick 20kg bags $30.00 inc GST

*  Olsson's Econo Mag Blocks 15kg $26.90 inc GST

*  Rumevite Magnesium Blocks 20kg $35.00 inc GST


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